**SANCTUARY** Discover the lost paradise of the Riviera Maya and witness Mother Nature recover what was taken from her. Discover the mystery of Xibalbá (the Mayan underworld) inside a long
Mayan Warriors

Maya Elements

**SANTUARIO DE LOS GUERREROS** Live the mayan ceremonies while experience a passage through the elements of life, feel the passion of our ancestors for Mother Earth and go deep into

Culture & Nature

**COBA - PUNTA LAGUNA** Visit the amazing kingdom of Cobá where you can climb the largest Mayan pyramid in the Riviera Maya. One of the most enigmatic Mayan ruins, where

Xaman’s Path

**PURIFICATION CEREMONY** Witness daily life and celebrate the colorful culture of the modern Maya as it unfolds right before your eyes. Experience a real Xhaman ceremony & take a splash

Ek Balam

Perhaps one of the less commercialized mayan ruins of the area (so the best if you are not a fan of big crowds), at Ek Balam you will find one

ATVs & Underworld Cenote

Experience the best adventure on wheels of the Riviera Maya, enjoy the adrenaline and the jungle driving an ATV on dirt roads, water and mud fun, our guides will take

Jungle’s Heart

**MAYAN JUNGLE** Experience an exclusive half-day of pure nature at a secret location in the heart of the Mayan Jungle and pamper yourself with real privacy and the opportunity to

Chichén Half Day

Chichén Itzá is one of Mexico’s most popular tourist destination, and rightfully so. The Yucatán’s grandest archaeological site is Chichén Itzá, a UNESCO World Heritage area of immense cultural significance.

Tulum Underworld

The Tulum ruins of Mexico are one of the most well-known archaeology sites in the world. The lone ruin overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

Tulum by the Ocean

Get a whole new perspective of the amazing Tulum Mayan ruins by admiring its temples from the sea. Just like the Spaniards did almost 500 years ago! The tour will